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Make Money or Move On!

What are the Benefits of a Paper Route

What are the benefits of having a paper route? A very popular question at my local distribution center for newcomers to the paper route game.

Well, there are many benefits to being a carrier for a paper route. Number one, you get to meet very interesting people along your route and you will be surprised at what these people do for a living. You will meet doctors, factory workers, attorneys, school teachers, and more. You may even meet a guy who works at the local Best Buy who says come in and get you a new stereo for your car because we are having a great sale next week.

Next, and most obvious, is the money you get for working a paper route. As a carrier, you can earn supplemental income from $50-$1500 per month, maybe even more depending on the size of your paper route. Add this to your regular income and you can pay off a few bills earlier than you would have without the paper route.

Another benefit of having a paper route is the tax breaks you get for being an independent contractor. You can write off many, if not all of the expenses you get from delivering your newspapers every day. You can write off the gas you use in your vehicle to deliver teh newspapers, the maintenance required to keep the vehicle running and a host of other individual items. The tax savings will get you a higher tax return or cut the amount of taxes you would have owed the government without the paper route.

A great benefit to having a paper route is the startup costs are minimal. Very rarely will you encounter business opportunities not requiring a bunch of money upfront. You can start a paper route with virtually NO money upfront. All you really need is a vehicle, gas to make it to the first paycheck, and a good alarm clock if you have a morning route. That's it!

My biggest benefit from having a paper route is the business principles I learned which I carried forward to use in all my other business ventures. A paper route shows you business principles like supply and demand, cost of operation, return on investment, cutting costs, maximizing profit, customer service and more. You have to manage every aspect of being a businessman when you have a paper route. You don't have a secretary to keep you straight, no accountant (at first) to count your money and make sure all the tax info is correct, no marketing department to get new customers, and no customer service department to handle irrate customers. You get to do it all first hand and the experience is invaluable!

The list in this blog is just a few of the benefits of having a paper route.




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